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I set up this site to blog my New Novel

We get to talk about the book, myself, and even about you if you wish. My connection with White Bird goes way back to 1966. Eagle has been a part of my life since nearly that long ago. So I finally wrote a novel about both. The characters are fictitious, though I have put much of who I am into them. I particularly want you all to get to know Daniel Knight. I can never say enough about the great and honorable Nez Perce people. Researching them and writing about their ancient spiritualism transformed me into a new person every day I wrote. I will want to introduce you to the Seven Devils Mountains as well. The picture on the left is me on my first trip there in 2010. It has been my computer desktop image ever since. I have many pictures I can share along the way.

Photo from Old White Bird Pass looks down into lower White Bird Canyon and the town of White Bird

My Community

Your input is important. simply subscribe below. It is all free I guarantee. Your only cost would be if you decide to purchase my book. I have read thousands of books and really do believe in White Bird. By subscribing you simply email me with any comments you desire. I am working on a newsletter and other social media outlets. I also have a sister website in the planning stage. It will be interactive with a chat forum. My target membership there includes you the reader as well as publishers, editors, graphic artists, book marketers and, of course writers. I will put the link up soon for this site. 

The town of White Bird Idaho.

Join My Journey

I used Amazon Create-space for my own short story. It can be  done in a single day. It was my first attempt at becoming a writer so I  just wanted to get it out there. It was no success (so far). What I did  not do was market. For that book it was okay. It was not well edited and  the cover page was made from an old photograph of my dog, Rusty. I now  have a full-length novel that I am considering self-publishing. The  marketing side of this is my weak point. I invite you to take this journey with me. My goal is to publish in six months. This beats the time frame given by the two publishers that have already accepted my manuscript. As of today (01-19-2019) I am just in the beginning stage of building this site. I have many ideas about marketing that are in the stage of being a slightly cloudy notion right now. I am going to enjoy this six month journey. Come enjoy it with me.


Files coming soon.