First tease: Somewhere in chapter 40 or so


In the distance, Kenny watched the approach of a new group of riders. He noticed for the first time that his eyesight was way better in the gloomy darkness. This had to be the power of his bond to Mother Wolf. In the lead, Kenny saw a beautiful young woman riding bareback on her horse, followed closely by Jared, Angela, and two other men. Seeing this girl, who had to be Daniel’s girl, he could only look at her in amazed wonder. To state that this girl was beautiful was like declaring the sun to be a bit warm. Seeing her on that horse, riding with the confidence of an accomplished horsewoman, he contrasted her to Angela, who rode immediately to her left rear. It disgusted him now, recalling her drab allure, and how he had fallen under her spell. When he looked at Angela riding in the gloom, he saw only a cheap whore, and he knew that she held no power over him any longer. He also understood that he would adore this other woman forever. Thinking back to his first sight of Daniel as he confidently approached them this morning, he knew with absolute certainty that this woman belonged alongside Daniel and no other. What beautiful creatures the two of them were! They were like some kind of heroes out of legend. Kenny swore a silent oath of fealty to her as he had done with Daniel.